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Girls Rock! Pittsburgh 2013 Camp Compilation

by Girls Rock! Pittsburgh

Learning to walk and playing a lot We love baby pets They’re not too small to have a blast Chubby cheeks and all. And all of the baby animals get cuter and cuter We love animals, we love animals Yes we do We love animals, we love animals Yes we do Soaring through the blue sky All the way up to space Their beautiful wings catching your eye Who’s gonna win this race? I look up to the sky, the birds fly higher and higher [Chorus] Speeding through the high grass Going fast to catch their prey Adorable when they’re really small Their spots help them camouflage And when those cheetahs run, they run faster and faster and faster [Chorus x 3]
There was a guy In the day Who turned into a wolf at night Aaaooooo And when he walked out the door He didn’t like to see the light Aaaooooo Don’t leave me hairy wolf guy You make me howl Aaaooooo Don’t leave me hairy wolf guy You may me shout Ahhhh She can shout whenever she wants Ahhhh
It starts out tiny sprouts, like ivy You try to get up but it’s pulling you down I guess that’s reality Knocking on your door yelling I’m going to try and ruin who you are. And… It’s like walking on walls when you’re trying to talk, cause it won’t work. So I walk on walls. It isn’t easy peasy anymore I know it’s hard but we will get there Its only now We will make it work Lets get up and try again We will not fail [Chorus] And it goes on and on Day turning to weeks and weeks to months Your thoughts are taken over So you think it will last forever But you know someday it will end One way or another As it goes on and on and they end up 2 on 1 [Chorus] And when its all over We all dance and Jump so high and touch the sky You think it’s over and feel like flying But still sometimes [Chorus x2]
Rebel Girls 01:41
Rebel rebel, rebel girl We rock! We roll! We rock AND roll! You’d better listen up up up ‘Cause we make the commands We’re the best in the world! No one tells us what to do ‘Cause we’re the rebel rebel rebel girls We own the universe We’re the best in the town We stand our ground For what we want No one tells us what to do ‘Cause we’re…
You know we are as mighty as the boys Number 1! We are the mighty, mighty, mighty girls Number 1! We do what we want Number 1! We are the best
ElectroCats 01:59
It was a dark and stormy night The cat was walking without a fright He had a marking on his head (2,3,4) We could not explain (2,3,4) What it happened, when it struck The cat was surely out of luck He had a new mark on his head (2,3,4) We still could not explain (2,3,4) How the cat survived the lightning (1,2) I don’t need to know (2,3,4) But now he has a brand new mark He’s not afraid to show The cat’s new mark that he’s got (1) It’s not normal, no, it’s not The new mark had started glowing Yes, it has It was nothing that I’d seen A glowing cat from Halloween Walking right in front of me Yes, he was


These six songs were written and recorded by 2013 Girls Rock! Pittsburgh campers. Over the course of a week, campers learned an instrument, formed a band, wrote an original song, designed and screen printed their own band merch, experienced their first recording session, and performed their first live show in front of hundreds of fans.



released March 16, 2014

Recorded by Madeleine Campbell at The Ellis School.
Mastered by Garrett Haines at Treelady Studios in Pittsburgh, PA.

Thanks to Apogee Digital for your support!


all rights reserved



Girls Rock! Pittsburgh Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Girls Rock! Pittsburgh is an empowerment program for female youths of all definitions, abilities, & backgrounds. Our program utilizes the process of making music to instill tools for the amplification of self-confidence, creative expression, independent thinking, mutual respect, & cooperation while cultivating a supportive & inclusive community of peers and mentors. ... more

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